Unlock Your Sound

UNLOCK YOUR SOUND – Great Teams Make Great Records

Unlock Your Sound is a production company who I work with and master for on a regular basis. With a great team of engineers and producers Unlock Your Sound provides a wide range of audio services to artists, labels and corporate clients. If you are looking to make your next record, and get in touch with UYS here.

Music Production

We build the best team for your record. Get started with our free project planner.

Free Mix Feedback

Need an extra set of ears - don’t hesitate to use our free mix feedback service.

Mixing & Mastering

Please get in touch with us to receive advice or a quote for mixing and mastering services.

The Unlock Your Sound Podcast

In 2018 I started the Unlock Your Sound Podcast with UYS founder Christopher Carvalho. In the podcast we discuss everything audio, but in a very relaxed and accessible way for all levels of knowledge, while trying to make each other laugh as much as possible! We’ve had some great guests on the show, each sharing their stories, knowledge and experiences in the music industry.