Client Testimonials

Client testimonials about their completed masters at CPM.

We were extremely happy with the finished masters we received from Chris, not only did he deliver them quickly, he also spotted a couple of minor adjustments that could be made to the mix to improve the final sound. His mastered versions of the tracks had the final polish needed for commercial release quality, giving the tracks a depth and definition that we would never have been able to achieve on our own. That coupled with a competitively priced service and friendly and fast replies to our enquiries mean we hope to work with him again and would highly recommend his services.
— Chris Bond , Artist - Army Of Mice
It was an absolute pleasure working with Chris on my first two releases. From the very beginning he was excited to work on the songs and was always striving to work to a point when the both of us were happy and the songs themselves were at their strongest. His love for working with audio shines through so this combination of technical expertise and passion for the craft results in a working relationship, and final product, that I was very happy with indeed. I will work with him again for sure!
— Ben Cooper (Minus Shampü), Artist and Producer.
Chris has mastered a number of productions from Underwood Studio. His work show a great sense of musical understanding, commitment and professionalism. Chris is great to communicate with and is really only focused on one thing, excellence.
— Craig Field Producer - Underwood Studio
We were recommended CPM for mastering our latest EP and are very happy with the results. The warmth and brightness of the mastered versions stand out, and the dynamics have been taken care of while improving the presence of the mix dramatically. The mix was delivered on time and Chris was a pleasure to deal with. Can’t recommend highly enough and we’ll definitely be using CPM for future releases.
— - We Are All Astronauts, Artists & Producers
Working with Chris on my last single was everything you’d want from a mastering service. Apart from being incredibly reasonable price wise, Chris offers the rare but vital working dynamic of being able to return to him with mixes/masters until you are both happy to sign off.
He’s very personable and completely knows his stuff. 100% recommend.
— David Ledger, Artist & Producer
Chris is a very efficient and professional creative to work with. He cares about every detail of every record we’ve worked on together and it’s made the difference. We would recommend his services 100% of the time.
— Féz - OL Music
A great many people don’t grasp what mastering a song really is, or why we master after mixing. It may be the last step in the creation of a song but in modern day production, it may be the last stage but without question, the most important especially in the digital age. What I like most about Chris mastering my music is that he doesn’t try to recreate my music. He seems to have uncanny insight into what I’m trying to accomplish in my music. I once told him he isn’t trying to make the steak, just bring out all the flavours that are there, but just hidden and that he does admirably. Mastering is about baby steps, not giant leaps and Chris has done that with my work. I cannot foresee myself turning to anyone else in the near future.
— Gerald Duchene
Chris is hands down one of the most influential and talented individuals I’ve ever met in the industry. His skill set and passion for mastering is easily recognised in his work and his friendly and professional manor makes him easily approachable.
Insight has worked with Chris on numerous occasions in the past, most recently on the ‘In The Woods’ EP by Kant Sleep. His artistry certainly captures the atmosphere and drive you need to hear in the genres my label specialises in, which is why more artists and producers associated with Insight now recognise Chris as a true mastering engineer of electronica music.
— Stefan Baranowski - Director of Insight Music UK
I have worked with Chris Pavey before on the mastering of my song and I am currently working with him on a new release coming out soon! What I really love about Chris Pavey’s mastering is that he’s very detailed when it comes to completing the final process of the song. His communication and patience is top notch. He also takes his time to listen to the mix himself and see what adjustments need to be made before the mastering. Wonderful and amazing guy to work with.
— Dion Isaiah, Artist
Working with Chris has been an absolute pleasure from day one. His passion for mastering combined with his professional manner makes working with him a smooth sail. Who said mastering had to be a stressful process? Look no further and get your tune sounding right with CPM.
— Emmanuel (Kant Sleep) - Artist
Chris is a true professional who, crucially, has the ear for the job. He was able to bring out a subtle clarity in the tracks that really rounded off the album nicely.
He was very happy to listen to what we wanted and I found it to be a very straight forward and pleasant process working with Chris.
I’m happy to have found a top class, local mastering guy and I look forward to the next time.
— Tim Bond Owner and Engineer at Bookmatch Recording Studio
Chris took on the task of mastering my CD at very short notice and did an excellent and professional job. He was willing to listen to my views and blended these with his own to produce impressive mixes on eleven different types of song. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone, and his being based in Cambridgeshire is an added plus. He has a good ear for music and the technical skill to go with it.
— Richard Powell - Producer & Artist
This was my first time working with Chris, he took my song and made it sound better then the way I had imagined it would sound. I’ll be sure to be working with him in the future as my mastering engineer.
— Relic - Artist & Producer
I am very happy for having found Chris, and I have made him my go to mastering engineer from the very first collaboration.
And here is why:
First, quality. He really cares about my music and delivers a perfect master that enhances the emotional power of my scores. He loves his job and achieves a grade of excellence that can only be the result of true passion and talent combined.
Second, dedication. The human part is for me as important as a high quality work. He is efficient but also gentle and openminded, always ready to help.

If you need a mastering engineer, Chris is is your guy.
— Pablo Anson, Composer for Film and Media
Chris Pavey is an artful engineer—able to uniquely capture the feel and vibe we were working toward with our album project in a manner that was not over-produced or pre-programmed, but tastefully, artfully and beautifully crafted. Crisp, clean, full, wide, enhanced, and resonating—these are the words I would use to describe the final product that was our latest project in Chris’ hands. Although each song received individual custom attention, the overall collection had a coherence that one desires from an album of songs. His rates were reasonable and competitive and his commitment to the process, and desire to work with us to achieve our dream sound, clearly defined the passion he has in his work as a mastering engineer. We highly recommend Chris’ services and we will most definitely turn to Chris for our next project.
— Jacqueline Auguste, Artist/Producer Across The Board
Chris offers more than mastering. He offers competitive rates, insight on your project that is accompanied by compassion, care and creativity. The best way to work with Chris is to tell him about your project and let him use his creativity to take your music to the next level. I was more than happy with the master and we are exclusively using Chris Pavey Mastering to master all of our tracks. He is that good!
— K.L. Phair - CEO, Voice Comics (Audio Book)
When I hired Chris I was very surprised by his competitive rates. I was honestly expecting him to just slam an EQ and a limiter on my tracks, but I was very surprised. The dynamics I had worked very hard with were retained, if not enhanced, and the tracks sound fuller. He also offered me unlimited recalls so I could get the sound exactly the way I wanted it. If you’re going to hire Chris for your mastering, I recommend you give him some creative freedom to get the best out of your music.
— William French - Artist & Producer
After talking to Chris about mastering our EP I was won over. He understood the dynamics, the groove, the rythm. The whole vibe. He didn’t want to mess with it, or compromise it or put it in a box, just wanted to enhance it. So... we gave him a chance. When I heard it, I was blown away! Chris clearly knows his art well but I think what sets him apart is his approach : “Its not right till its right”. If you believe in your music Chris is the man to go to.
— Joseph Macwan - Artist & Producer
Chris is a very friendly and down-to-earth guy with a professional approach. Immediately, he showed a thorough interest in what we were working on and made the environment extremely comfortable to be in. His enthusiasm and understanding is reflected in the final product and I would highly recommend him to anyone.
— Ollie Sloan - Artist
This was the first time I had sent in a piece for Chris to master and it certainly will not be the last. After sending the composition to be mastered, Chris sat down and worked on what he thought needed to be done to the piece but did not finalise it until I had a say in the process. It was very informative to sit down with Chris in a session and have him talk through his thought process and techniques showing his versatility as a mastering engineer. Chris handled the mastering process in a professional yet friendly manner and created a welcoming environment. It was only when I was satisfied with the result, he was satisfied too.
— Harnek Mudhar - Composer & Producer
The professional services that CPM provide, has certainly bridged the gap for ADC Musical Recordings, when it comes to finalising our musical productions. Chris pays close attention to detail and enhances those special elements of a mix that producers, engineers and artists want the world to hear. His services will be needed again.
— Ant Chamberlin - Director of ADC Musical Recordings
Having worked with Chris Pavey Mastering on a number of my records I can say that I have been thoroughly impressed with the level of professionalism that is applied to each of them. That is why Chris is my first choice when I need new music to be mastered.
— J. Douglas - Artist & Producer
I worked with Chris during both the recording and mastering stages of my first album. During the mastering sessions, it was great to sit and watch the tracks come together and become a finished product. Chris allowed these things to happen in a completely professional and efficient manner, always checking that I was satisfied with what was coming out of the speakers.
— Giant Decade - Artist & Producer
After using CPM previously for the Zaika release, I approached CPM regarding mastering work on a 4 track EP, which my record label was releasing by Southampton based EDM producer Scullious. The artist and myself discussed with CPM exactly what was needed in the final masters of each track before the EP went live. The final outcome of each track was in my eyes, perfect. Chris had delivered what we asked of him with each track rich in clarity and depth and leaving myself and the artist extremely proud to release such a professional sounding EP.
— Stefan Baranowski - Director of I.M.P
This was not the first time I have sent my work to Chris for mastering and will not be the last. He freely pointed out any errors in my mix so I could correct them before mastering. Chris is a very professional individual and I have and will continue to recommend his services.
— Laurence Charlton – Recording Engineer
I have used CPM for the mastering of two of my tracks, and have been thoroughly impressed by the quality of engineering and professionalism displayed. Chris ensured that I was satisfied with my final master, and was happy to make any changes I required. I would highly recommend CPM, and plan on using his services again for my future projects.
— Tom Bailey - Artist & Producer