About CPM...

Chris Pavey Mastering provides high quality audio and service to all its clients, from mastering new tracks to restoring old ones. CPM has developed over the last half decade and has worked with artists of all genres across the globe. CPM's studio is located in a quiet village set in the rural surrounds of the Cambridge Fens. The studio uses high quality equipment, monitoring and has an excellent listening environment for critical listening.


What Is Mastering?

Mastering is the final process in the long chain of audio production. It is the finalising of any audio for commercial use and has many steps in itself that makes a track translate from the studio to the consumers in as fluid a way as possible.

Remember you only have one first impression with a piece of music, a well mastered track will always make a positive impression that stands out in todays competitive music industry.

A fresh pair of ears applying their input to your mix is never a negative move, and clients are always surprised on the details I can pick up on in their tracks. I will always maintain an independent view of the mixed tracks and will endeavour to add to and polish your mix without subtracting the feel or musical direction of the composition.

 CPM's Benchmark Converters

CPM's Benchmark Converters

Mastering For iTunes...

The iTunes masters at CPM are created from the original master, and are then optimised using Apples guidelines for their AAC file format. This includes compensating for audio artefacts inherent with any lossy format codex.



The CD master, which you will use to publish and produces copies of, needs to conform to a 'Red Book' standard. This process includes sequencing of tracks into the playback order and authoring details. The CD master file can also be exported as a DDP image.


How Much Does It Cost?

CPM's prices are very competitive and I will always give the fairest quote possible for the given project. Repeat clients also get benefits!

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How Do I Prepare My Tracks For Mastering?

At CPM I ask that my clients,

  • Provide CPM with the highest possible quality WAV/AIFF files. E.g     if the track was recorded at 48kHz and 24Bit then please export at that level. CPM will not accept MP3 files. (Please talk to me if this is the only copy of the track you have.)
  • Remove any master bus processing and effects from your master channel in your DAW - Limiting/compression/EQ. (You can send me a version with your master bus processes as well if you want me to hear the direction your heading in.)
  • That tracks have at least a peak level below -5dBFS. Without sufficient headroom it is difficult to master effectively. This is a guideline so please don't worry if it is over, but the more headroom the better!


How Do I Receive My Masters

Transfer to client via secure online/cloud services or CD's/DVD's/USB drives can be sent by couriered delivery.

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About Chris...

Based just outside the historic city of Cambridge UK, I have many years experience in the music industry, both in studio and live environments. I qualified with a First Class Honours Degree in Music Technology and have developed a wide range of contacts throughout the industry in many areas. My passion for music is wide and varied and I enjoy working with all genres. I always look forward to hearing something new and original - this is one of the greatest joys of being a Mastering Engineer, to have the privilege of hearing new music before anyone else!

Questions are there to be asked, so anything else you need to know please,  

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