What do I need to send to CPM?

Stereo mixes at the resolution the project was recorded and or mixed at. If you have been working at 48/24bit, please export at that level. Please leave as much headroom as you can, and disable any loudness processing and or limiters on your final mixes bus. If you feel this is integral to the sound you have made, you can can send me two versions with and with out.

Also please send all the information relevant to the record artist name, album/EP name, with the tracks clearly labeled as well.

How do I send my masters to you?

WeTransfer, DropBox or likewise program is perfectly fine.

How do I get my masters back?

You will receive a download link that will stay active for 2 weeks after its sent to you.

What is a DDP?

DDP or Disc Description Protocol, is the format designed for safe delivery of a CD and all relevant information for duplication and production. You can not play the DDP with out a dedicated player (Which CPM can send you as standalone player), which will show all the CD track information, ISRC codes, UPC number and any pause time between tracks.

What is an ISRC?

ISRC is the unique code that identifies your tracks. They are embed into the DDP file. You will need to apply for ISRC codes from your countries music organisation. PPL for exsample in the UK.

What is MFiT (Mastered for iTunes)

Apple as made a list of specifications that masters must adhere too. CPM can deliver MFiT ready masters for you, just ask when you order.

I have lost my all my masters, can I get another copy?

All CPM masters are archived securely. You can request masters, however they will NOT be available at short notice.