Insight Music UK Interview

by Chris Pavey

A great friend and colleague of mine, Stefan who runs the label Insight Music UK, asked to interview me for their website. I was deeply honoured to tell my story and also pass on my knowledge and view on mastering in 2017. Below is a link where you can read the interview and see all the other amazing content and music on the Insight page!

CPM Interview

2017 at CPM

by Chris Pavey

CPM has already had an exciting and productive start to 2017, with the final stage of the new studio build and install coming to a close. As well as a host of new artists and clients from all over the globe, 2017 is certainly going to be a busy one for CPM!

Film Score Mastering

by Chris Pavey

In the past few months of 2016 I have had the pleasure of working with film composer Pablo Anson. This month I have been working on a score from Pablo for the documentary film Anomia. 

More info on the film at

Pablo Anson -


CPM Logo

by Chris Pavey

Great to have branding on the Macbook Pro. Thanks to the top people at

Why do I use a Benchmark DAC?

by Chris Pavey

As the cold autumn nights draw in and the doom and gloom of post summer fun surrounds us, I sit here in my studio listing to a recently completed master. A wonderfully detailed string quartet arrangement that was a pleasure to work with.

Now... I have a lot of gear which I use everyday and I don't always appreciate the complexity or the shear scale of the technology under the hood. Whether thats a compressor a EQ, or dare I say it - a well engineered plug-in! (May the analogue purists start their letters now!) 

But! There is always an exception, everyday I seem to be reminded about my convertors - my glorious Benchmark Media DAC 1. Simple yet beautifully complex, small and compact but giant in quality, the DAC 1 with out failure blows me and my clients continually away. This is reflected in a common request from clients who visit CPM is, 'Could you just play this through your system...' a request I am always happy to accept!

Ok yes, there are other parts to the signal chain which contribute to the output for the listener. However, in my opinion, the greatest link is the D to A, and the DAC1 truly is superb at that complex conversion.

Due to the nature of my work, the way in which I perceive and listen to music means that I am a stickler for detail and nuance of sound. Small intricate changes of half a dB, a slight variation in tone or even the sound of a watch ticking over the pick ups of a guitar, (thats another story for another blog post!). The point is the Benchmark DAC's allow me to hear these tiny details in a clear uncoloured way that lets me do my job better, which in turn allows me to create better sounding masters.

So thanks to Benchmark - and may the innovations you create continue to shape the audio landscape!

Chris Pavey - Mastering Engineer CPM.

Meris 440 UK Launch at Redbull Studios UK

by Chris Pavey

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Meris 440 preamp UK launch in London, at the superb Redbull Studios on the banks of the Thames. The evening was a wonderful gathering of musicians, producers and engineers all putting the 440 under the microscope in a live session with the talented Luke Sithal Singh playing a few tracks for us.

Chord Electronics Hugo

by Chris Pavey

As part of my studio upgrades I have made various changes in my work flow and the equipment I use.  As you would expect from any mastering studio my converters are the centre point, and its always been the hardest choice to make. 

Step in the Chord Hugo! This revolutionary DAC has the most outstanding audio performance of anything I have heard since working in this industry. Oh by the way... its portable. I use an array of different hardware in my mastering chain, but I never thought a portable device would have a place in it. 

Well thats all changed, the audio is outstanding, the design is exceptional and the genius behind the coding and build of this device is of the highest standard. A standard I have come to expect from Chord.

This reference grade DAC has found its place in my studio and is holding its own against anything I can through at it.

Chord Electronics - Hugo

William French Origins EP Release

by Chris Pavey

On the 28th of July, Norwegian artist and producer William French released his Origins EP through Insight Music UK.

Mastered here at CPM, the EP struck a chord with myself whilst working on it, and hope to continue to work with William in the future.

EP iTunes link CLICK HERE

Insight Music UK CLICK HERE