Broadcast Media and Film


Mastering is not just about Singles and Albums! I work with a growing number of media and film creators and producers, and have enjoyed collabaroating on a varied range of projects.  

At CPM I have worked with voice-over artists and spoken word content, including meditation classes, short stories, audio books, film and TV dialogue and trailers. All this audio needs to be checked and rechecked for pops and clicks, vocal discrepancies as well as the occasional cough or sneeze! Additionally I have worked with independent film makers and animation creators, working not just on the soundtracks, but also the dialogue and sound effect tracks. This included removing unwanted noise created on the sound stage, unwanted noise on outside location scenes, and ensuring that the audio is consistent through the project.

Film and Media Composer - Pablo Anson

Author - Thomas Kowa

TV/Film Producer - Kenny Phair

IMDB Credits - Click Here

Audio Book Recording

Audio Book Recording